About us

Shopping at Timeless & Twist was once described by a client as “like shopping in a friend’s closet” and that is exactly how Owner and Fashion Consultant, Donna McDonald, would like each of her clients to feel upon entry and upon leaving the boutique! T&T offers stylish, quality, comfortable clothing & personalized styling services for busy women both for those who know their style and also for those who would like a few tips in finding or refining theirs!


Situated in a 1920s century home, Timeless & Twist was opened by Donna in 2016 at 219 Hwy #2 in Enfield, Nova Scotia following a dream of opening a small boutique with an emphasis on friendly, personalized styling services!  At T&T, You can take the time you need to find what is right for you with a little bit of guidance and honest feedback along the way, just like you would expect if you were shopping with a friend! We truly want you to feel you are getting retail therapy in a safe, therapeutic space where we hope you feel just a little more beautiful when you leave than when you walked in!


The fashion leans towards comfortable timeless pieces often with their own unique twist for women of all ages and body types and takes into account women’s changing bodies! Fit and fabrics for comfort are always at the top of the list at Timeless & Twist!  We carry many timeless, comfort-focused lines such as ZSupply and Joules!  Brands also include some great eco-friendly choices such as Terrera (bamboo and organic cotton), Gilmour Clothing (bamboo/rayon), Natural Life (Modal), Liverpool Jeans with many eco choices, along with Canadian designs such as Tribal, Charlie B, Dolcezza, and UP! Pants.  The list of brands continues to grow as the store does!

Whether you just one to pop in along or with friends or prefer a private styling appointment, we’ll give you personalized service and allow the time you need to make the choices that are just right for you!


The Owl logo represents the beautiful strength of a woman: she is motherly, she is family, she is friend, she is timeless, and she has her own unique twist!  She is independent, stylish, resilient, soft, earthy, intuitive, and she is wise! She is warm, understanding and personable.  She is trust, she is a safe space, she is therapeutic, she is beautiful just as she is, and yes, she’s a real hoot!  The owl is also most beautiful she when she is decked out in her best feather and Timeless & Twist wants to help you find yours!